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Favorite bands/artists include Nine Inch Nails, They Might Be Giants, Eels, St. Vincent, Beck, Cake, Mother Feather, Bowie, Prince, Coil, Gorillaz, Tori Amos, Thom Yorke, etc.

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Beck - Dreams

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I'm with you. While I like them seperately, you really need all three to get that sense of completio...
Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch in Joomla Article
Thanks James! This lady knows what she's doing... I'm bummed that I missed her at Panorama this year...
St. Vincent - MassEducation in Joomla Article
Thanks, James! And I'm 100% with you Bob.
Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch in Joomla Article
Of course he did. God damn it, ODB...
I dug their first album; REALLY weird shit.