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AAIIEE - folly

Albums 21 Jun 2017

Camille - Ouï

Albums 30 May 2017

Coves - Peel

Albums 18 Apr 2016

Loop - Array 1

Albums 14 Jul 2015

Taffy - Darkle

Albums 17 May 2015

JJ - V

Albums 28 Aug 2014


Great job, Tim. You do justice to this masterpiece!
Didn't see you mention the format, but I'd opt for the CD to get an extra dozen tracks.
Great review from a non-fan, Rod! I have Dazzling Stranger anthology which I guess this is meant to ...
Thanks for the feedback, Jimi. We are agreed on the merits of the original Side 2. I love Lawrence, ...
the analgue vinyl might be warmer like the original. I'm not sure what the difference is between Tho...
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