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Soundblab are continually looking for new writers. Do you love music and have a passion for writing about it? Read on to see how it works and what you get in return but first here's what a couple of our writers have to say about us:

“I was invited to write for Soundblab based on some of the music reviews I had written on Amazon.com.  Since joining the team, I’ve been exposed to a lot of terrific music and have been able to reach out to some of my favorite bands for gig passes.  I’ve expanded my photo portfolio with the photo passes I get, and am thrilled to be working for Soundblab!” Brian Lange - Seattle, USA

"I've done a lot of writing over the years, including music reviews on Amazon, but always felt that the amazon reviews served an underlying commercial purpose. I was asked to write for Soundblab. Soundblab's brief is more aligned to my musical and writing interests, in particular their impartial coverage of the alternative music marketplace, without journalistic ego, commercial favour or an eye to controversy for its own sake. It's a music site for music lovers and musicians about music, the people that make it and those who share adventurous listening." Rob Taylor - Sydney, Australia

Album and single reviews

We receive countless promos in mp3 format (and sometimes CD and vinyl) which we list on our promo page. Writers then reserve the ones they would like to review and we send to them via email or post.

Gig reviews

We receive requests from many PR agencies looking for a review of an upcoming tour. If you've been with us for a while you are trusted with your own Soundblab email address, these select group of writers chase up their on guest passes.


Artists are always looking to promote themselves with an interview and our writers can conduct them via email, phone or in person.

Get in touch

Still interested? Click here to contact us and we’ll get back to you. There’s no experience necessary, just a passion for music and writing.