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We Came as Strangers

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We Came as Strangers recently released Eyedom, their third album of Americana, classic rock and folk-rock. Soundblab caught up with them to talk about their passions.

First single you bought

Justin: ‘Money for Nothing’ - Dire Straits

Ellem: ‘Lucky Star’ - Madonna

Owen: ‘Tears in Heaven’ - Clapton

Tim: 'Running Away' by Sly and the Family Stone.


First album you bought

Justin: Rolled Gold - The Rolling Stones (compilation)

Ellem: Thriller - Michael Jackson

Owen: Roxy Music

Tim: Killer by Alice Cooper.


Favourite artist of all time

Justin: Neil Young

Ellem: Billy Joel/Dusty Springfield

Owen: Stevie Wonder

Tim: Don't have one.


Favourite current artist

Justin: Courtney Barnett

Ellem: Bruno Mars (blasting ‘Uptown Funk’!)

Owen: Samuel Jack

Tim: Sleaford Mods


Favourite period in music history

Justin: 70s, for sure

Ellem: 60s

Owen: 1960s America

Tim: 1970-71


Style icon

Ellem: Janis Joplin

Owen: Freddie Mercury

Tim: John Cage


Best gig you’ve been to

Justin: Neil Young solo show at Hammersmith Apollo, Greendale tour

Ellem: Angelique Kidjo

Owen: James Brown at Ocean, London

Tim: Kitchens of Distinction, The Racehorse, Northampton.


Favourite festival

Justin: Glasto

Ellem: WOMAD

Owen: The Larmer Tree

Tim: Fanny's Meadow, Somerset


Favourite movie

Justin: Mulholland Drive

Ellem: Kes, directed by Ken Loach

Owen: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Tim: Dune


Favourite TV show

Justin: Breaking Bad

Ellem: Any documentary by David Attenborough

Owen: Breaking Bad

Tim: Off.


Favourite book

Justin: Perfume - Patrick Suskind

Ellem: Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Owen: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Tim: Four Quartets by TS Eliot

Eyedom is out now

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