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Some of the reasons that Hedoniacs sounds the way it sounds...

(firstly i want to say that this is from my perspective, the rest of the boys may or may not agree with me... just because we are in a band together, doesnt mean we are one person)

Very young, I grew up listening to my mum and dad's music: reggae and jazz funk. Then, I started listening to my friends music: garage, drum 'n' bass, jungle, hip hop/rap.

Most of my friends were trouble (dealing drugs, in and out of prison, robbing houses on the estate). But if I got in that kind of trouble as a kid, my dad would proper beat me. So i ended up making friends with Alan
(who was a bit less trouble than the rest). He played guitar, but at that point I thought guitar/rock music was shit, and that it was for pussies. But then Alan showed me Hendrix, who i thought was cool.

Playing guitar became something I liked, and also something that kept me out of trouble. I got more and more into it.

Then I met Rich, who showed me that I could write my own music if I wanted to. I never really thought about writing before, I never considered that i could be successful at it. You have to understand that if you stayed out of trouble with the old bill, and had a shit job, then you was an over-achiever where we were from. To think that you could be successful at music was just not even really considered. But Rich showed my his music, and music from successful people who grew up from places just like us, and i thought - fuck it, if they
can, then I can. So we wrote music.

I've never really been a music fan, like someone who really listens to music a lot. if I ever want music, I just sit down with my guitar. There is always something new to play from my head. I think my musical influences come in a much more unconscious way than most writers.

I like getting fucked up, I love women. When someone pushes my buttons I am very violent. I am either very aggressive or mostly very laid back; You can hear all that in the music.

My lyrics are all about family, friends, acquaintances, and me.

I dont really know why, but I've been involved with all sorts of very different crowds in my life; poor, rich, posh, black, white, gangsters, drug dealers, religious, junkies, gays, fetish freaks, etc. It's probably because I'm a working class mixed race kid, from london, with a gay sister, a middle class bisexual girlfriend and parents who used to be religious.

Anyway... I think they all give me enough mad subjects/stories to write about, I never had 'writers block'.
I think that only very few people will properly 'get' the stuff that I write. They will just 'know', in the same way that sometimes I just 'know' with other people's music. Everyone else can only really enjoy it as an energetic sound.

For more on the band visit their website http://www.hedoniacs.com/

Download the track 'Free' for free here.

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