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The Good Natured have been quietly creating a buzz in blogland for quite some time now. 2011 could see them really make a name for themselves, so we thought we'd catch up with lead singer Sarah McIntosh and asked her to reveal her main influences.

Lust (not love): I have found love to be overrated, so I tend to write about lust nowadays.

Houmous: Smooth, likeable, always delicious, just like us. Okay, that sounds like a Blind Date answer, but really we just like to eat it before we go on stage with breadsticks, it's the ultimate power snack, very influential.

Karen O:

The most listened to song on my iTunes playlist is 'Black Tongue'. I have spent 120 minutes of my life listening to it, and to be honest, I'd spend 120 more. No album has done more to shape me as a musician - and probably as a person - than Fever to Tell. Okay, so that's maybe a bit dramatic - but it is an amazing record, and one that should be compulsory listening for every teenage girl who's a bit pissed off and dissatisfied with the hormonal twats she will inevitably have to spend her school years with. This album reminds me of bunking off PE with my best friend and fantasising about how one day we would be as cool as Karen O. In fact, it's got a lot to answer for. I got banned from hockey lessons for sneaking my iPod on to the pitch so I could listen to it. I might have been a great hockey star... but really, no regrets.

Fever to Tell is about female empowerment and learning to stand up for yourself. It's not about singing the best or making a hit for the hit parade - it's sexual, it's raw and it feels personal. The tone bounces from vitrolic and angry lines like, "Boy you just a stupid bitch, and girl you just a no good dick" (probably my favourite ever lyric, and a good one to write over your bedroom walls) to moments of heart-wrenching tenderness. 'Modern Romance' is so incredibly beautiful it deserves a place as one of the greatest love songs ever written: alongside 'Maps' of course. When Karen O tragically sings, "Wait - they don't love you like I love you," you can't help but feel her pain. This song reminds me of late nights and unrequited love. On the other hand 'Y Control' assaults the listener with a more bitter take on romance. Fever to Tell is not an album that allows you to wallow for long. 'Y Control' visciously attacks woman's subordination to the male y-chromosone, and sounds pretty good doing it! Throughout the songs, Nick Zinner's driving, gothic guitar provides a haunting backdrop to O's lyrics. Meanwhile, Brian Chase showcases a unique style of drumming which gave the next generation of bands something to aspire to. Thanks to this incredible album my best friend's grown up to be a feminist, is headed for a master's degree in women's studies and would happily burn her bra if the occasion arose. Personally, Fever to Tell has given me the desire to write songs that can inspire other people in the same way that this album did me. Fuck hockey.

Men's shirts, short skirts: As sung by Shania Twain, and also an accurate description of my wardrobe.

Fever Ray

Hairspray: The product, not the musical.

My best friend: Her latest love saga has provided me with inspiration for our next song.

'Forbidden Colours' (Sakamoto & Slyvian): One of the most beautiful songs ever written.

Train journeys: They can be awful if you end up sat next to the guy eating KFC or the screaming kid, but often I find train journeys are where I do my best thinking.

Robert Smith:

Disintegration by The Cure is one of my favourite albums, and obviously 'Friday I'm In Love' is an absolute classic! I also find Smith's hair particularly inspirational. I like a man who commits to his style; age will not wither him. Hasn't he done a stellar job on that Crystal Castles song?

Not in Love ft. Robert Smith:

The Good Natured head out on tour in the new year, why not check them out at one of these venues:

Jan 29th- Skins Party @ 02 Academy, Oxford
Feb 19th- Start The Bus, Bristol
March 4th- Edinburgh Central Library w/ Spark
March 5th- Lancaster Library w/ Spark
March 6th- Worksop Library w/ Spark
March 7th- Wooton Fields Libray w/ Spark
March 8th- Rugby Library w/ Spark
March 16th- 21st SXSW, Austin, Texas.

The Good Natured -For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti (Sufjan Stevens Cover) by Mud Hut Digital

Then feast your eyes on the video for recent single 'Be My Animal'

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