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Tokyo synth-poppers Crystal talk us through the things that make them squee.

First single you bought

‘People Are People’ - Depeche Mode. Crystal in early days were heavily influenced by them. But the results were always like noisy game music… Actually our track 'Fast Fashion' means 'Depeche Mode' in French.

First album you bought

DARE - The Human League. Please listen to ‘Get Carter’, we were so surprised by this song.

Favourite artist of all time

Virna Lindt. Was she a spy of Sweden? We don’t have much information about her but we love her mysterious atmosphere.

Favourite current artist

Fancy. He’s a legend and still rocking and dancing hard!

Favourite period in music history

Now. We can enjoy current music and old music, so.

Style icon

Kitarō, Nezumi Otoko (Rat Man) and Neko Musume (Cat Girl). Google Kitarō (of the) Graveyard and look our photo.

Best gig you’ve been to

Michael Jackson at Tokyo Dome in 1996. I felt relieved when seeing that his mask was off a little bit and he put it right in fluster while he was playing ‘Thriller’.  And I thought “He was not a robot!” It was like a dream.

Favourite festival

Nakatsugawa Folk Jumboree (1969-71). There were many Japanese legendary bands and artists. We’ve never been there though…

Favourite movie

Chizuko's Younger Sister [directed by] Nobuhiko Obayashi. The soundtrack of this movie is by Jo Hisaishi. And he also sings with the director!

Favourite TV show

Musical Fantasy Dream (Ongaku Fantasy Yume). We grew up with this TV program.

Favourite book

The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals. Because it is a DEFINITIVE guide.

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