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Auriént makes perfect summer soundtrack music – a mix of classic house, cosmic disco, 80s synth-pop and funk, Daft Punk and early Toro y Moi-style chillwave, all of which can be enjoyed on his blissful debut album, Aura Bath. Soundblab asked him about his passions and inspirations.

First single you bought

This is hard to remember... It must have been ‘Robot Rock’ (Daft Punk) off iTunes back in 2005. It's crazy that's been out for a decade.

First album you bought

I got Led Zeppelin II on a CD after I saw School of Rock.

Favourite artist of all time

Daft Punk - they've influenced so many artists before me and will continue to for ages. I admire them most for the early sampling they did for Homework in 97.

Favourite current artist

I'd have to say Phonat. His work is well-rounded and full of good ideas.

Favourite period in music history

The Chicago house era. It would have been simply amazing to be a part of that and witness the beginning of a new style of music and culture.

Style icon

Bill Cosby 4 Life

Best gig you’ve attended

I saw a large portion of the Ed Banger crew at Hard Summer 2013 in LA. It was rad.

Favourite festival

Not really a festival but more like a ritual - Rainbow Gathering 2011 in Washington. Lots of good family...

Favourite movie

Blade Runner. The cinematography is unforgettable and I love the cutie robot girl.

Favourite TV show

South Park. Need I say more?

Favourite book

The NeverEnding Story. It's a classic fantasy novel that got adapted into a nice cheezy 80s film.

Aura Bath is out June 16 on van Drumpt

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