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Sending promos

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We accept promos in mp3, CD and vinyl format. We can't promise a review of everything as we receive a large amount but new writers are joining us all the time and we're currently covering around 85% of promos.

CD and Vinyl

There's more chance of your album or single being reviewed if supplied in a physical format. Our writers like shiny things, preferably in the shape of a disc! We now have writers all over the world so an individual's address will be provided if a promo has been picked up to review. If you wish to send CD or vinyl promos, please get in touch first here. We understand you might only have a handful of promos so we aim to find a writer first before you send.


It makes things easier for us if you send a download about one month in advance of your release date. Do not send mp3s via email, please use a service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Haulix or Promo jukebox.

Please add us to your mailing list for all future releases, click here to get in touch and we'll send you our email address.

We do accept WAVs but the files are so large we prefer mp3s.


Your album or single is less likely to be reviewed if you only provide a stream. We ask our writers to listen to an album a few times before reviewing and a stream means they are unable to add to their phone or iPod to listen while on the move.


We guarantee that your music is safe with us. All Soundblab writers are music fans and would never dream of sharing your music.