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Micachu - Golden Phone

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A wonderful song which links two utterly disparate but very English genres: grime and the whimsical psychedelic folk-pop of Syd Barrett, Donovan and early Marc Bolan. 'Golden Phone' is a superb grab-smash bricolage of keyboard drones, found sounds, honey pop harmonies and singer Mica Levi's androgynous, cock-er-nee vocals. It skips forward on a skiffley breakbeat, collapsing into chaos frequently only to pull itself up and hurtle onwards like a toddler at nursery school sports day.

The best thing about 'Golden Phone' is that it makes all this mess sound completely pop. And not just pop in a contemporary sense, but like some psychotropic, Merry Pranksters-influenced student dissertation on what pop was, is and could be - a great big squiggly line drawn in crayon across pop's family tree which links John Lennon with Dizzee Rascal and says that both are just as important in 21st UK pop music's mutant DNA.

Richard Morris

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Micachu - Golden Phone - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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