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Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire

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All attempts by right-thinking music fans to loathe the single which made KoL into a stadium-shagging enormo-band in the UK were futile. Why? Because 'Sex on Fire' is simply the greatest non-ironic, blustery, wail-on-mountain-top rock song since Guns N' Roses stopped being a real band and became a going concern only in Axl Rose's head.

'Sex on Fire' is colossal. It's also smart enough to be taunt and lean, keeping everything in line during the verses before exploding outwards in a perfect synergy of tempestuous, wind-blown rock moments. It's like an arrow hitting a perfect bull's eye of guilty pleasure.

But what made its phenomenal success so inevitable? That's what could be called the Spinal Tap Factor, an inbuilt element of total ridiculousness which imbues a song with such lovability that even the frostiest hipster will find themselves inexorably reaching for the air guitar. And what does 'Sex on Fire' have? It has the best chorus ever - ever - about ill advised rumpy, howled by a bad sex Springsteen with a level of widescreen existential angst to rival Ian Curtis. It's a horny, itchy, drive-time behemoth and, despite the rest of Only by the Night being dullard MOR fare, it has granted KoL the keys to stardom. We await the glorious folly of their 'November Rain' phase with barely suppressed excitement.

Richard Morris

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