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Wendy James - Indigent Blues/ Bad Intentions & a Bit of Cruelty

by Kevin Orton Rating:8 Release Date:2016-06-18

If former Transvision Vamp’s chanteuse Wendy James’ latest Single is any indication, The Price of the Ticket will be her best solo effort since the Elvis Costello penned, Now Ain’t the Time for Your Tears. Both tracks find James in a bad mood. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like Transition Vamp, James’s solo work has been seriously underrated. When not wrongly written off as just another pretty face, she’s perplexingly lingered in obscurity. For my money, James always had the makings of a major Pop Star. Who can say why it never happened? Her rebellious sexpot poses always had a nod and wink sense of irony, going to show there’s brains between those cheekbones. Songs like, Tears’ ‘Do You Know What I’m saying?’ proved there was a pulse beneath that Ivory Girl derma. If you ask me, James has always been more than meets the eye. True her glass slipper of a voice has its limits but when occasion warrants, she delivers the goods.  

On this Ep she’s surrounded herself with a top notch, crack band of Glen Matlock, James Williamson, Lenny Kaye, Steve MacKay and James Sclavunos. ‘Indigent Blues’ is both Poppy and full of bite. Where gents like Mr. Costello have handled the songwriting duties in the past, these tracks are self-penned and the results are not only impressive but infectious. ‘Bad Intentions and a Bit of Cruelty’ is snarling, sexy and rocking. By song's end, she’s boldly defiant. It’s enough to not only inspire a spin of, Now Aint’ the Time for Your Tears but to shell out for The Price of the Ticket.

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