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The Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing

by Mark Steele Rating:9 Release Date:2016-06-09

Several weeks have passed since the Marmite love-it-or-hate-it comeback single ‘All for One’ from the Madchester sound stars and re-united line-up of The Stone Roses appeared in the midst of us. At the same time, lemon signs appeared all over Manchester and further afield, which to the initiated signified their return. Some fans made lemonade and some felt a touch sour. As it happens, with new single 'Beautiful Thing’, the Roses have delivered..

The initial intro is of a reversed replay of ‘All for One’, then we witness Reni’s unmistakeably pulsating, funky-drummer breakbeat latched on by Mani’s rich, dense, interloping bassline - which will hit many a funk junky - and we behold a refreshing feel-good welcome combo.

Shortly riding over rhythm section’s layers comes the whimsical ,weaving wah-wah guitar licks of John Squire. Plenty of jazzy-blues riff lines and fuzz flurries to keep you busy, while Ian Brown’s mystical mantra holds a flute-like tone.The melody spirals, gracefully ascending and descending with ease. It’s obvious that the famous baggy formula is at work here, realling classics such as 'Fool’s Gold', as well as 'Can't See Me' and 'Love Like a Fountain' from Brown's solo outings. The whole song soothingly cascades over you like a cool breeze on a hot sunny day.

A seven-minute groovefest takes you in, an uninhibited, dance-inducing treat. If you are embracing the new material from The Stones Roses, let us hope for more of the same, because this is a thing of beauty.

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