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Furr - Think Sharp Kid

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2016-06-06

I was lucky enough to catch Furr supporting Scotland’s Vukovi at the Brudenell recently and the band’s combination of pop-sensibilities and propulsive, no-nonsense riff worship worked an absolute treat. If you want to see something that has the hands aloft, communal euphoria of a Foo Fighter’s show but don’t fancy standing in a huge, soulless stadium for the privilege than Furr may very well be the answer to your prayers.

Clocking in at less than three minutes long and kicking like a mule, Think Sharp Kid is the ideal introduction to the band. Jack Byrne’s vocals recall the smooth, unflustered falsetto of Josh Homme as the song balances their love for meaty riffs with their clear appreciation for an addictively catchy hook. Lead guitarist Sam Jackson moves between strutting Thin Lizzy-esque riffs and concentrated blasts of grungy goodness.

Think Sharp Kid may be the band’s debut single but they’ve been kicking around the Leeds alt-rock scene for some time now. Formally known as Human’s as Ornaments (in a nod to the mental genius of The Mars Volta) the band has returned with a new moniker and renewed vigour for all things rock ‘n’ roll.  In the tradition of great singles, Think Sharp Kid is the kind of song you’ll find yourself playing again and again. Can’t wait to hear some more. 

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