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Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:

So the story goes that Hot Chip's nerdy electro-boffins decided they'd like to write for glamorous pop princess Kylie. The fruit of their labour (conducted under laboratory controlled conditions, of course) was the shimmering 'Ready for the Floor', which they duly submitted to her management, who duly refused it. Loathsome of waste, the Chippers decided to record the song themselves and release it as a single, creating alt-dance Valhalla.

It's a great story. But it's bollocks. The reason this story caught on in the media is that 'Ready for the Floor' really seems just a little too perfect to be the product of men from Putney with regulation unruly indie hair. Listening to it, you can almost feel an echo of how the pop world must have quaked when New Order dropped 'Blue Monday', a song by unprepossessing lads from an unglamorous place which somehow dragged electronic music into a totally new sphere. 'Ready for the Floor' isn't that seismic (in fact, its dinky synths and gated snare sound are pleasingly retro) but it is pretty damn flawless.

The only catch is in singer Alexis Taylor's vocal, which joins Bernard Sumner's and Bobby Gillespie's as one of the great British non-voices, as fragile and sweet as a teenage girl mumbling along to her favorite pop song. Tying everything together is the song's refrain of 'You're my number one guy'. Is this a tease? Is it from the heart? Is it just pop song gobbledygook? We don't know, and it just adds to the gloriously unreal feeling one gets listening to it.

Richard Morris

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