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Golden Silvers - Arrows of Eros

by Luke Frost Rating: Release Date:

Remember the 80's? Well for those who liked the fun energetic and shameless over-the-top pop (as well as the, er… 'different' clothes) here come Golden Silvers.

'Arrows of Eros' is the London band's second single, and one surely to cement their reputation for crazy psychedelic pop that makes you want to dance around while smiling like a lunatic.

The song is very formulaic and can be repetitive, so if you don't like it after the first ten seconds then you may as well give up. But with harmonies worthy of a barber-shop quartet and a killer keyboard hook that must have seen the band with pound signs in their eyes when they came up with it, you really won't want to.

The nonsensical lyrics means it sounds like a European one-hit wonder you might hear in a bar in Benidorm and spend the whole holiday looking for on CD. Unfortunately like that CD, you will get bored of the song quite quickly. But in small doses 'Arrows of Eros' is insanely catchy and guaranteed to make you smile.

Just one question. Were the 80's actually this much fun first time round?

Luke Frost

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