by Gerry Hathaway Rating:6 Release Date:2016-06-17

It’s an exciting time to be a John Carpenter fan. His recent late career renaissance as a recording artist arrived just as the Synthwave scene of ‘80s inspired electronic became vogue.

Hot on the heels of his latest solo release Lost Themes II comes a handful of new renditions of Carpenter’s most iconic themes.

Halloween retains its signature piano motif and doomy progressions, differing little from the original. In fact, it wasn’t for its modern production sheen you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and the original.

The Fog is much shorter and omits the original’s chilling opening organ riffs. While neither track matches the analog flair of their original counterparts, the sleeker production adds welcomed dynamic range.

These fresh cuts are available June 17th on two separate 12” vinyl singles from Sacred Bones Records. Carpenter is currently embarked on a world with his band playing his classic themes along with newer solo compositions. 

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