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Future of the Left - Manchasm

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:

"Mark Foley was right," assert Future of the Left with knife-edge urgency. Which rather begs the question: just who is Mark Foley and what was he right about? A speedy Google search reveals him to be a US politician who campaigned against child exploitation and abuse, only to be discovered sending sexually suggestive emails to teenage boys in 2006. What was he right about? Well, let's not go there.

Really though, it's not that important, because this is just a jumping off point for a invigoratingly rattled, splenetic take on the baroque glam pomp of early Sparks, complete with weird-boy falsetto, vaudeville-on-amphetamine ambiance and a fabulously uninhibited, head-banging freak out.

And who's Colin? He's a cat, obviously.

Richard Morris

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