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The Stone Roses - All for One

by Rob Jones Rating:8 Release Date:2016-05-16

The Stone Roses have burgled the 'Squid Lord' guitar lead from The Fall! Yes, kids John Squire has dipped into the back-catalogue of his Mancunian elders and taken the hook from another epic episode that Mark E Smith and his troops brought to the table.

This recognisable riff slips in and out of the new 'All for One' single but it’s at the core of the tune. Ian Brown narrates and Squire rocks out later on as The Stone Roses combine elements of their first and second albums on a comeback single that has obviously warranted great public acclaim.

"All for one/ One for all/ If we all join hands we'll make a wall." The band despite all of their previous differences call for unity and chemistry as they are, "all one family."

Everything has to come from somewhere because it is 2016 and fresh fare is a thing of the past. Any influences can be admired or admonished, and, in this case the former choice is elected. So The Roses are in summer bloom and 'All for One' is something old, new, borrowed and blue chip!  

The third coming is underway! 

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