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Florence + The Machine - Dog Days are Over

by Luke Frost Rating:5 Release Date:

Second single from Florence & The Machine, 'Dog Days Are Over' highlights the intriguing and powerful sound that has made the band one of 2008's ones to watch.

The song's beguiling entrance sees Florence Welch's breathy vocal draped over a gentle guitar. "Happiness hit her like a train on a track" she sings with a calming tone that simmers with confidence.

By the time Welch hits her first "the dog days are over" she has flexed her musical muscles with an impressive natural range that is reminiscent of Kate Bush. But as she bursts into a powerful chorus you won't have seen coming, her soft peaceful tone is transformed into a thundering snarl.

For 'Dog Days Are Over' is a song of two halves. Each is equally enchanting for different reasons, although together the pairing does seem unlikely. What would it sound like if you combined Aled Jones singing 'The Snowman' and Rage Against The Machine 'Killing In The Name' you might think. Well in this case, ultimately brilliant.

'Dog Days Are Over' is not your standard pop meets folk song. And if this is anything to go by, Florence & The Machine certainly are not your ordinary pop meets folk band. Let's hope so.

Luke Frost

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