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Goat - I Sing in Silence [VINYL]

by Rob Taylor Rating:9 Release Date:2016-05-27

Goat, masked avengers of the psychotropic world-beat scene, return with more unbridled fun, this time choosing not to plug in. The success of Goat has always been the underlying hypnotic groove, the overarching polyrhythms and a vocal pairing that sound like they’re partying 24/7. Nothing has changed here except that this double side is much more dense and substantial than the last single ‘It’s Time for Fun’. 

Goat continue to grow, perhaps literally, as a collective, and on ‘The Snake of Addis Ababa’ they invoke the modal genius of Mulatu Astatke and the unusual tonalities of North African music to brilliant effect. The insistence of the backbeat could also easily serve as the template for a blaxploitation soundtrack. The piano freestyles around this template, redolent of Ahmad Jamal, or McCoy Tyner’s snaking piano lines with John Coltrane. A lovely track just to listen to, let alone spin at a party.

‘I Sing In Silence’ showcases the female vocalists in yet another performance that manages to be, somewhat unusually, harmonically limited but nonetheless consonant and aurally pleasing. Perhaps an example of timbre being more important than mellifluousness. A rebel yell of sorts, and an exhortation to get up and dance your ass off ? Yeah, that’s it.

More evidence that Goat is a superior beast to much of the [so-called] psych music that is so capriciously referenced these days.

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Great review, Rob. Goat rules!

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