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Claudio Cataldi - "Here She Comes Now" EP

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2016-04-06

Perhaps the only psychedelic rocker from Sicily, Cataldi, delivers a sparse rendition of Lou Reed’s old chestnut through a “small mic and a half-broken amp”. It’s sloppy, hazy arrangement gets into the skin of the enigmatic lyric in much the same way Kurt Cobain peeled this cherished onion on a long ago-Velvet Underground tribute. ‘All My Friends Are Here’ rises from the same skeletal trappings: a dreamy, druggy delivery serpentining around a double-tracked guitar line that takes the high road (electric) while an acoustic partner stutters along. For fans of Dodson and Fogg and Anton Barbeau’s dreamy exuberance.

The flip offers a few tracks from Cataldi’s back catalogue. They’re of a like mind to what’s preceded on side A – floating dreamscapes with sneaky, snakey guitar lines, cotton-mouthed vocals, and an organic sense of 60s’ psychedelia with a downhome, almost swampy character. ‘Ropes and Strings’ is a particularly tasty instrumental (acoustic) workout for Jansch and Renbourn fans. Good stuff from an artist who’s new to my ear, but from whom we’ll be looking to for great things to come.

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