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Sendelica - Ziggy Stardust

by Jeff Penczak Rating:5 Release Date:2016-04-06

The Welsh space rockers had this one in the can long before something happened to Mr Jones (and we all know what it is), so there is no reverential kid-glove treatment to worry about here. In fact, it all starts out with electronic synth swashes that sound like violins chasing sprightly wood nymphs through the forest. Ziggy on ‘ludes is closer to the groove here – slowing things down to a crawl and totally shitcanning the glitter and glam in favour of phased, backwards instrumentation. It sounds like an orchestra tuning up or all playing different songs and the eerie effect kind of loses the emotional impact of the original. Now I’m a big fan of reinterpretations and cover versions, but this one left me a bit cold, sounding rather meandering and aloof, like Boy George poncing around the garden scattering rose petals off the tea tray.

     On the flip, Astralsia’s Marc Swordfish took a stab at remixing this, adding a female vocalist that improves on the rather effeminate vox on the plug side, so if you can imagine, say, Alison Moyet having a go at the old chestnut, you’re in the right pew. There’s also more oomph to the arrangement and some nice guitars razorblading through the proceedings that improve on the still rather perplexingly slow syrup drip oozing out of your speakers.

     An interesting experiment that doesn’t quite work, but certainly won’t be accused of phoning it in from the nearest Xerox machine.

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