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Rats on Rafts - Some Velvet Morning

by Rob Taylor Rating:4 Release Date:2016-03-04

Lydia Lunch and Rowland S Howard once mangled Lee Hazlewood’s 'Some Velvet Morning' by insinuating that the female protagonist, Phaedra, is complicit in the male subject’s death by overdose. Well, that was the sub-textual meaning. Sure, in the lyrics Phaedra "gave him life, and then she made it end", but co-opting the song as a salutary lesson about the vagaries of drug use kind of diluted the mythology, and it also kind of sucked for a Lee Hazlewood fan. I'll concede that for two junkies on the nod, they sounded pretty cool.

Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra’s version was a psychedelic pop song, teaming with imagery of the beauties of the natural world; also a paean to the mystical beauties of Phaedra, a woman it seems no man can have, but every man wants. 

Rats on Rafts turn SVM into a parody of itself, but I’m not sure why. Perhaps they have nothing to say about the text at all. Cool though that the beginning reminds me of Japan’s 'Gentlemen Take Polaroids'. The ‘pissed teenagers at a party’ chorus is excruciating. Cover artwork is great.

So while Howard and Lunch adulterated the song, some might say quite compellingly, Rats on Rafts suck all meaning from it. 

How very punk. 

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