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nick nicely - London South

by Ian Fraser Rating:6 Release Date:2015-12-30

Following his welcome re-emergence in 2014, 'London South' is, we are told, the final single to be taken from Nick Nicely’s comeback album, Sound of a Second. A hymn to the homeless and disposessed of a city that is becoming increasingly gentrified, it’s a typically sweeping slice of languid, English psychedelia from the now German-based Nicely, still best known for his 'Hilly Fields' single from way back.

Characterised by shimmering guitars and his usual layered, perhaps overly-elaborate production the EP also features two remixes by label mates Grasscut and Serbian composer Abul Mogard. The first adds a further ghostly gloss to an already suitably haunting mix while Mogard’s 15-minute treatment twists it into a disembodied and melancholic no-beats drone.

Nicely was once dubbed “the greatest pop star that never was”, It is a moot point of course, but London South and, indeed, the album from which it is taken, is welcome enough evidence that he remains a creative force.

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