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Fins A Luminous - Setting Souls / Funeral Shake

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:6 Release Date:2015-12-18

Fins A Luminous are Ross Saunders and Joe Bond, a pair who have been making music together for just a few years. They recently dropped a new single with two tracks, 'Setting Souls' and 'Funeral Shake', with mixed results. 

'Setting Souls' is a muted, almost loungy, house track with a steady thumping beat. The vocals are possibly the most interesting part, a bit vibrato, while the music stays relatively bland and minimal throughout. There's honestly not much to say about it because it doesn't do all that much.

'Funeral Shake', aptly titled and quite a bit deeper, develops a wonderfully creepy atmosphere as it slinks along, sounding like a haunted cemetary come to life. Long, slow guitar whines drift like fog through the song as rattling beats push the solidly grounded bass forward. I have a vision of people dancing slowly in tight pairs, heads down and hips rocking back and forth. It sounds remarkably like the old Thrill Kill Kult song "These Remains", oddly enough, which is a good thing. For a single, this track makes it worth the price of admission and redeems the release.

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