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Merchandise (feat. Dum Dum Girls) - Red Sun

by Jeff Penczak Rating:4 Release Date:2015-11-28

Sub Pop have apparently managed to pilfer Carson Cox and the rest of his Merchandise away from 4AD and have paired them with their signature act on this collaborative single. I’m unfamiliar with Merch’s oeuvre, but I don’t like the electro-disco technoid paces they’re putting Dee Dee through on the syncopated, herky-jerky ‘Red Sun’. Dum Dum Girls are one of the planet’s best pop punk bands and Dee Dee writes some of the strongest melodies around. Unfortunately, this has neither. And that whole, “I can’t think of anything to sing so I’ll just recite the lyrics” crap is getting real old, real fast.

           Flipping it over, we’ve got an ambient, cinematic gothic trawl through Cox’s Scott Engel period with a side order of Peter Murphy and Morrissey at his most maudlin for added darkness. There’s lots of eerie, stalking, dripping noises that sound like the soundtrack to another Alien movie, but little else. Memo to Sub Pop: return the Merchandise back to 4AD for a refund and let Dee Dee get back to what you signed her for in the first place.

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