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Hologram Teen - Post-Apocalypteacakes / Tracksuit Minotaur

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:6 Release Date:2015-11-10

Hologram Teen have put out an odd little release here, with some spooky, Halloween-appropriate aspects subverted by their unwillingness to settle into any particular groove.

The first track, 'Post-Apocalyptic Teacakes', begins with a slow synth-line and a ghostly background vocal chant reminiscent of early darkwave, before the late-80s beats, all snapping and glistening, come in like an old Wax Trax! release reborn. There is also something of a breakdown, with long, organy chords accompanied by a dark voice that gets chopped up, similar to the kind of goofing around Yello used to do. The song changes pace quite a bit, sometimes loaded with beats, other times quiet, and it can be a somewhat jarring.

'Tracksuit Minotaur' starts out pretty promisingly, with a good synth bassline and an amusing little sample repeating "Through the trees, witches wander there." The song builds slowly, adding some classic 80s style modulated robo-voices, which only partially work, before returning to its core. Things slip more to the cheesy with the smoking hot guitar riffs, which come off as a bit atonal in places, but they don't last too long and things get more interesting again with the dramatic strings towards the finale.

Overall, this is an interesting single, but not essential. Check it out if you're hungry for semi-dark, synth-heavy music with a dash of off-kilter weirdness.

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