Beck - Dreams

by paul_guyet Rating:8 Release Date:2015-06-15

Less than 18 months after Beck blew our faces off with his syrupy, glittering opus, Morning Phase, he's announced work on a new album, and just released the first taste.

It's called 'Dreams', and it's more summery than most people can handle. Driven by a subtly glitched guitar riff and poppy 80s synth, it's not the furthest thing from Morning Phase, but it's the funkiest thing he's done in years.

There's talk of this new album sounding more like Beck's filthy, electro-sex romp, Midnite Vultures*, but while 'Dreams' sounds nothing like it, either musically or lyrically, it's glorious to be able to shake one's ass to new music from Beck once again.

Here's hoping we hear the rest of what he's got before the end of the year. 


* Oh, sweet Jesus, if only...

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