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Peter Lacey - Wayward Song/Many Moons Ago

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2015-05-18

The prolific Mr Lacey has released nearly a dozen albums for the ‘hog. This rainy day reflection (both his and Pink Hedgehog’s first vinyl release) plays to his strengths with a warm, McCartneyesque, ‘Carry That Weight' piano line, carrying a lilting lullaby like a mother’s love for a beloved son off to war, college, or just to make a name for himself in the big bad world. Careful out there, lad. (Lacey truly is carrying a heavy weight on his shoulders, as he lost his mum, dad, and job a few years ago, and this cathartic track is an honest, saccharine-free tribute to everyone who must pick up and travel on.)

The flip could be a show tune on the West End or a silly little love song tucked away with those 'unreleased goodies' on an expanded McCartney reissue. Lacey never fails to excite and each release encourages a trawl through the back-catalogue, so get on over to Pink Hedgehog and fill up your bag.

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