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Thee Jezebels - Black Book c/w Cried For You

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2015-03-30

These three leather-clad punks may not be the springiest chickens on the pier, but the minimalist crunch emanating out of your speakers is pure R&B heaven with a little ZZ Top fandango tossed in for good measure. Shit-hot snarly vocals (think Suzi Quatro-meets-Wendy O. Williams) spit venom at 20 paces, but I wish they got their shit together a little better instead of stopping and starting several times during the track as if they’re not sure where to go next.

‘Cried Over You’ is more self-assured. If The Shirelles were in a biker gang, they might sound like this. Unbridled passion is essential in rock 'n' roll, and these girls have it in spades. Turn it up and hold on for dear life.

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