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The Galileo 7 - One Lie At A Time / The God Of Gaps

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2015-03-16

Named after a vintage Star Trek episode, The Galileo 7 are fronted by ex-Prisoners bassist (now switched to guitar) Allan Crockford, who also shares time with his ex-Prisoners mate Graham Day in Graham Day and The Forefathers. Their latest double a-sided effort opens with an energetic blast of screeching guitars and ferocious drumming, and is brimming with an infectious vocal over a strident 80s power-pop sheen coupled with an infectious melody that won’t leave your head for hours afterwards.

The flip is equally inviting, with a Who-inflected rush of mod energy and a hint of Robyn Hitchcock at his Soft Boys-peak. Together this makes for an excellent addition to your personal discography.

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