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The New Southern Electrikk - Brown Eyes

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2015-02-14

Despite the naff name (when will these kids learn that intentional misspellings are not cool, but merely annoying?), this Mancunian quintet will warm your heart with this tragic (apparently true) life story ripped from the heart of keyboardist Rikki Turner. An elegant, languorous guitar-line establishes a melancholic mood before Monica Ward’s sultry, soulful vocals (Donna Summer fronting The Shirelles) relate the tale of the one that got away.

The flip (their eponymous ‘Theme Song’) brings us something completely different - an eclectic, electrifying New Order-inspired dance instro, with vibrating, wah-wah guitar slicing through Charles Bukowski soundbites over an incessant, Krautockian, motorific backbeat (good on ya, Jim Correy). Definitely a band to watch in 2015, you can catch their launch party at Manchester’s Roundhouse on the 13th.

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