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French Boutik - Mieux Comme Ça EP

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2014-12-05

The third outing from this co-ed Parisian quintet doubles the fun with this four-track, double-7in EP. It includes their lively French version of Madness’ 'Tiptoes', which originally graced a Teenage Cancer Trust benefit CD.

Rollicking piano and strident brass bursts seal the deal. Their 21st century update of classic yé-yé sensibilities fits right in with today’s new pop explosion spearheaded by labels like Elefant and Fortuna Pop! The title track is in the syncopated style of Gang of Four and Mo-Dettes, with a giddy, girlie chorus carrying the day, and while the English-language ‘End of the Line’ loses the plot somewhere along its meandering way, the cuddly, smoky jazzy kiss of 'La Vie En Couleurs' rides a funky-vibes solo into Stereolab territory, stopping for some chic-y cha cha chas along the way. Groovy, daddio! 

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