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Lily & Madeleine - Rabbit, Run For It EP

by Jeff Penczak Rating:10 Release Date:2014-10-03

Teaser singles are a funny thing these days. The music biz has changed so much, it’s just no longer possible to simply release a new single ahead of a full-length and get away with it. No, today you‘ve got to entice the public with special little bonus tracks and alternate remixes or, in the case of lovely Indianans (Indians?) the Jurkiewicz sisters, offer acoustic renditions of hits from your previous release. 

Which is what we get here sandwiched in between ostensibly the A and B-sides of their new single (‘Rabbit’/‘Stuck on the Puzzle’.) Let’s begin there. Violins are a-chirping, guitars are jangling, and - Polly, out the kettle on - I think I’m gonna set a spell and dream away with the title track, a tale that may or may not be based on the John Updike best-seller from, well, from way before the gals were born.

The flip (well, in old-school terms anyway) is a cover of Alex Turner’s ‘Stuck on the Puzzle'. I’m not familiar with the original, but this slow, piano-based story-song fits the sisters’ oeuvre perfectly: delicate harmonies, hushed ambience, fairy-tale trimmings. Just perfect. This is the kind of stuff that put Stevie Nicks on the map and in the hearts of young gentlemen everywhere when she burst on the scene with ‘Rhiannon’ all those years ago.

A sparse, piano version of ‘Come to Me’, a delicate, acoustic-guitar backed ‘You Got Out’, and a saintly, almost choir-like ‘Spirited Away’ (a Miyazaki reference?) allow the listener to trace these tracks’ humble beginnings while still thrilling to those angelic harmonies and the simple, down-home wholesomeness that’s been missing from the music world for far too long. Thank God for the likes of Lily & Madeleine and Taylor, et al returning a little sanity to the airwaves. Now to find that new album. I’m sure it’s a killer!

Note: Best of all, the girls are offering the EP as a free download from Noise Trade!

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Lily & Madeleine - Rabbit, Run For It EP - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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