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Belle Ghoul - Around For The Weekend

by Jeff Penczak Rating:6.5 Release Date:2014-10-27

Belle Ghoul is what happens when Patti Smith’s daughter Jessie hooks up with the keyboard mastermind behind Electric Six (Christopher Tait) and signs with the world’s pre-eminent pop label. Like The B-52’s crossed with Sparks, the title track is quirky syncopated pop with a snappy, jazzy piano flourish which belies their self-avowed Scott Joplin influence. It’s a singalong, clap-happy little number ending with a horror house organ figure to ensure you don’t get carried away with all that free time you have coming up this weekend.

Flip it over and you get another of Tait’s many projects (Dubai Bros.) remixing ‘Lakes of Fire’ (from their forthcoming Elefant debut mini-LP Rabbit’s Moon and Doomsday). Hard to compare the remix since it beat the original out of the gate(!), but this one is a bubbly, funky electro-disco floorfiller not unlike the artist formerly known as talented but now calling himself Prince. A second non-LP b-side, ‘Devoir (Imaginary Theme)’ is a soothing instrumental that forages into Enoesque ambient territory, but the stalking cello/piano duet is a little too hesitant and scared of its own shadow to leave an impression beyond an incidental cinema cue.

A little too much 'kitchen sink' to demonstrate the pair’s influences and capabilities. We’ll have to wait for the LP to pass final judgment.

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