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Cooper - Los Veranos Son Para Soñar

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2014-10-15

Cooper is the musical pseudonym for one Álex Diez, former frontman of Los Flechazos, one of Spain’s finest mod revival bands who released half-a-dozen albums during their 12-year existence (1986-98). He’s enjoyed a lengthy relationship with Elefant, who’ve released dozens of his singles and albums since 2000. This teaser for his forthcoming sixth album (UHF) offers the eminently enjoyable jingle-jangler ‘Entre Girasoles’, full of catchy harmonies, uplifting vocals, and more hooks than the local butcher shoppe.

The non-LP b-side is a cover of the title track from power-pop legends Lola’s album Silver Dollar Sunday (Jam, 2001), reworked as ‘Dólar De La Suerte’ (‘The Lucky Dollar’). It’s a bit more aggressive, benefitting from a fuller production which marries Teenage Fanclub with The Rubinoos. If this is any indication, the new album should be a right corker.

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