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Das Pain - Joyride/Haunted Heart

by Andy Brown Rating:9 Release Date:2014-10-27

With 'Joyride'/'Haunted Heart', Das Pain have arrived so fully-formed, it’s hard to believe it’s their debut single. While the songwriting alone heralds the sound of a distinctive new voice, the music and aesthetic on display here bear little comparison to those around them. The current ongoing resurgence in psych-rock has seen many fine bands emerge in recent years, yet Das Pain find their inspiration in an entirely different space.

‘Joyride’ lurches forward with a controlled menace that finds singer, Ian McArdle, cast as your immaculately wasted guide. The song's heady blues are perfectly complimented by interjections of wailing organ, an unexpected solo and a superbly dramatic piano part that runs through the heart of the song.

The lyrics relate the tale of a drunken joyride “turned mean”, all narrated by a protagonist who, “only stopped the engine to hear you scream”. There’s a real sense of drama here and a (drunken) clarity of vision that belies the band's relatively short time together.

‘Haunted Heart’ sounds equally inspired; enthused with a restless energy and blurry-eyed soul. The track reaches a spine-tinging, dramatic crescendo in the time it takes others to tune their instruments. The insistent, pounding piano sits at the centre as McArdle sings of “a stir in the ice in a drink or slow dancing under the moon”.

The band taps into the booze-soaked storytelling of Let Love In era Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds while nodding towards the sweeping, doomed romanticism of Tindersticks. These comparisons aren’t made lightly, as something genuinely exciting happens over the course of these two tracks. Das Pain sound like late-nights, full ashtrays and empty bottles, and it’s a style they carry well. Here’s hoping they’ll have more out soon. 

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