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Elika - Girls, Be Serious (Two of Three)

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2014-07-21

Elika expands to a quartet for volume two in their projected three-part singles series under the 'Girls, Be Serious' umbrella. The plug side, 'Your Secrets', is a soothing underwarter floater which finds Evagilia Maravelias’ operatic vocals hovering heavenward over bubbling electronics from partner Brian Wenckebach. A little bit of Madonna and Siouxsie have trickled into her delivery, and there’s a gothic, Lisa Garrard (Dead can Dance) element that may also please fans of the darker side of pop.

'Truest Heart' is more Arctic and amoebic, with icy atmospherics introducing another Garrard-like vocal, but fans of Diamanda Galas and her ilk will also enjoy. This installment is darker than the first, but has me eager to hear how it all ends.

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