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Wildnorthe - Wildnorthe

by paul_guyet Rating:7 Release Date:2014-03-13

Wildnorthe’s eponymous first single starts off sounding epic and questing, matching the tone of the accompanying video nicely. Actually, it kind of looks like a Game of Thrones b-roll. When the sort of backwards surf-rock drums come in… Well, I can’t say whether I did or didn’t like it, but it was certainly an interesting choice. The bass which kicks in about halfway through adds a menacing, sinister tone, infecting the quiet beauty of the forest with fear and hostile, unseen entities.

Sara Inglês’ vocals have a mournful, ancient quality; one can picture her voice wafting through catacombs or coming from under a mask worn by a seer at some long-forgotten, yet powerful ritual. Still, as pretty as the video is, I would have liked to have seen a chimera or two.

You can check out the video for 'Wildnorthe' 


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