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The Orielles - Entity

by Jim Harris Rating:10 Release Date:2014-05-14

The one thing you can’t say about The Orielles is that they are a typical college post-punk band, because they aren’t old enough for college. And therein lies one positively delightful quality of this refreshing band and their particularly catchy, free-flowing brand of post-punk rock 'n' roll.

Their new single is ‘Entity’, and what an ambitious song for such a young band. Actually for any band. Built around a bassline that could easily fit snugly into a Breeders track, the gorgeous (dare I say that without being labeled a perv?) lead singer, Esme-Dee, brings a quietly sassy voice, sounding like a softer Kate Nash, to some seriously interesting lyrics: "File your face like you file a letter, at the back like a winter sweater/ I like you, it’s pure and plain to see/ I like you, but you’re an entity." 

Regardless of their age and all that wise-beyond-their-years crap, The Orielles bring a refreshing complexity as well as great melody to the song. The sweet but slightly husky layers of vocals, the sexy, lazy pace of the bassline, and accompanying guitars and things, add up to a beautiful track that will have you fishing around the internet in search of more by The Orielles.

If this song is any indication, this band is more than headed for greatness, but probably already there. Let’s just hope we get a long-player before any of them hit 18.

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