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Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra - Hang On To Each Other [VINYL]

by Andy Brown Rating:7 Release Date:2014-04-28

Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra follow on from Januarys Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything LP with something of a sonic curveball. The band take the bare bones of an old song (‘Hang on to Each Other’ from 2005 album Horses in the Sky), take it to pieces and rebuild it from the floor-up.

The original was a quietly defiant campfire song, mainly comprising of acoustic guitars and vocals. This 12in reimaging couldn’t be more different. Re-titled ‘Any Fucking Thing You Love’ (a lyric from the song), the band have made a sprawling dance anthem. No, they really have. The single stands as a pulsating ode to the dancefloor which explodes like a thousand glitterballs over 11 glorious minutes. The track isn’t some hastily put together remix.

The band used keyboards, oscillators, distortion pedals and drone-boxes to create their tribute to the dancefloor. Some suitably euphoric vocals are delivered courtesy of Ariel Engel (singer in Los Angeles vocal group Arora) as she sings: "This one’s for the lost ones and the dead ones and the ones who fell away”. After a few listens the initially questionable concept (post-rock band ‘go dance’?) makes perfect sense.

Although delivered in an unfamiliar style, ‘Any Fucking Thing You Love’ packs the same punch as their most defiant songs. B-side ‘Birds Toss Precious Flowers’ feels like a continuation of the same track, a hypnotic throb of strobe lighting and blurry vision. Hang on to Each Other could have easily been a forgettable, novelty record yet the music here is too joyful, too inspired to dismiss.   

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