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Klaxons - There is No Other Time

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2014-03-23

Have you ever, over the last few years, wondered out loud “Klaxons… Whatever happened to them?” Even among the typical time-lapse shelf-lives of most 00s indie bands, the new rave lynchpins' drop from the top seemed remarkably swift and absolute. That plummet into obsolescence was only quickened by a bloody terrible second album which spectacularly misjudged what Joe Indiefan wanted from Klaxons, delivering extended rawk workouts in place of messy, lysergic rave-ups.

Thankfully, the Klaxon boys have taken time out for a long, hard think and a quantum of MDMA, and come back with ‘There is No Other Time’, which is basically ‘Golden Skans’ goes house. Proper house. Proper, 5am, off-your-tits, sniffing poppers, welcoming the dawn house. But still with a scruffy indie haircut and beaten-up Converse.

Klaxons get a helping hand from Gorgon City, whose recent ‘Ready for Your Love’ is one of a number of retro-house hits fighting a valiant battle to rid the UK charts of clod-hoofed EDM shite. ‘There is No Other Time’ is good enough to join that song in the top 10. The time is right: come back to Klaxons. 

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