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John Lennon McCullagh - Towerland Lullaby

by Alexander Segall Rating:6 Release Date:2014-03-24

John Lennon McCullagh's debut single, 'Towerland Lullaby', starts in the middle of a verse, and sounds like a very Scouse Bob Dylan. Yes, he might be from Doncaster, but the vocal similarities to everyone from John Power to Liam Gallagher don't lie. He might be Billy Bragg's newest sensation on the strength of an angry debut album, but this song, by the singer's own admission, doesn't really make much sense. Then again, neither did early Dylan. This could be a lost classic from the early 90s; McCullagh packs a lot of ever-so-slightly different sounds into three minutes, courtesy of South London's premier Americana merchants Alabama 3. Worth listening to if you want the lost link between Greeenwich Village and the Hacienda.

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