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The Heartbreaks - Hey Hey Lover

by Miz DeShannon Rating:7 Release Date:2014-02-17

After tracks on first album Funtime being mauled by some pretty reputable producers, with some of the lads' original ideas seemingly having had the 'oomph' removed, for their second time around, The Heartbreakers have stamped their strong northern foot (feet?) and made sure to retain their sound.

Single 'Hey Hey Lover' is romantic and realistic. Singer Whitehouse as usual squashes seemingly impossible lyrics into short bars, accompanied by the wail of Wallace's Rickenbacker and thuds of Kondras' drumming. Reminiscent of early EP release  Jealous Don't You Know, it's swingy, twangy and deliciously poetic. 

It has all the beauty and power expected from Morecambe's answer to Orange Juice. With commitment to all those ideas Whitehouse always had, the depth of his drawling northern voice and the band's catwalk visual style, this single shows their focus and return to the beats and melodies of the golden oldies which have always inspired them.

Favourites of Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens, The Heartbreaks are a band who haven't lost sight of what they wanted when they started out, and definitely haven't let the label take over. 'Hey Hey Lover' is a taster of a second album to come in elevated style, with the impact and integrity of a thorough piece of music rather than an ambitious collection of hits.

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