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Cat Bear Tree - Spaces in Between

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2014-02-03

South East London trio Cat Bear Tree are making a name for themselves with their three-part harmonies and moody alt-rock. ‘Spaces in Between’ is their first official single, following an EP release last year. Admirably, they’ve opted to keep things DIY with an independent download release.

‘Spaces in Between’ is angsty, atmospheric and tricky, with some impressive, inventive drumming from Sarah Smith. Unfortunately, its major weakness is in over-egging the pudding vocally, particularly some gratingly strident wailing in the middle bit, somewhat spoiling the tense whispering elsewhere.

Cat Bear Tree have definitely got promise but it’s worth remembering that less is more, especially when you’ve already got waves of rumbling guitar, time signature changes and three singers. 

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