Disappears/Cloudland Canyon - Trans Europa Express/Radioaktivität

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2013-11-25

A brace of slightly superfluous covers here from Sonic Cathedral. It’s a limited-edition 7in single of two American bands having a bash at a couple of classic Kraftwerk numbers. Kraftwerk is one of those bands, like The Beatles, whose catalogue doesn’t really lend itself to being covered. They’re monolithic; cover them and you just end up sounding like you’re doing a Kraftwerk cover.

So neither song gets much of a makeover, but the bands do at least add a few little touches. Cloudland Canyon’s ‘Radioaktivität’ tends towards an electroclash/minimal techno vibe, while Disappears slap a nicely fat breakbeat under their version of ‘Trans Europa Express’. Both are good moves as they highlight the seismic impact Kraftwerk had on techno, electro and hip hop. Beyond that though, there really is no reason for you not to stick to the originals.

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