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Dean Wareham - Love is Colder Than Death

by Steve Reynolds Rating:8 Release Date:2013-10-07

Dean Wareham created slowcore, end of. When he lauded his seminal three-piece, Galaxie 500, in the 80s his idiosyncratic songs were a breath of fresh air vocally and in delivery and arrangement.

When G500 acrimoniously called it a day, Wareham decided to push forward with his then new outfit, Luna. However, they couldn't quite reach the dizzy euphoria of G500. Now Dean is back doing his own thing and it's fair to say his new single, 'Love is Colder Than Death', taken from his upcoming new album, Emancipated Hearts, is a real return to form.

Laced with the strings and format familiar from The Flaming Lips, Mazzy Star and Mercury Rev, 'Death...' is jaunty, upbeat, but the line is stringently towed by Dean's fragile warming and fractured vocal. It's all subtlety held together by heartfelt acoustics. A tantalizing precursor to his new album.

Who said that love and death couldn't be sung with such passion in the same song?

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My favourite time for music, '91 is the best year ever. Hip Hop could do with a Disposable Heroes right now, Shabazz Palaces and Run The Jewels are pretty good

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Totally agree. All the early nineties years were very good for music.

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