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Al Cisneros - Ark Procession

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2013-08-30

Since forming Om in 2003 Al Cisneros has taken our grateful ears on one hell of a trip. In recent years, the band's tightly swung, repetitious grooves have been complemented by a number of new sounds and textures which have included touches of piano, guitar, cello, tambura, violin and flute.

The influence of new (well, since 2009) drummer Emil Amos seemed apparent; bringing his appreciation of sweeping, cinematic scores to both 2009's God is Good and last year's Advaitic Songs. Some fans, apparently, miss the band's early sound (where Al's voice and bass were only complimented by drums) but you can't expect musicians as open as Al Cisneros to close off their minds to new ideas, new sounds. It's with this sense of exploration and musical freedom in mind that we come to this, Cisneros' new solo 10-inch.

If you've been following very closely, you may have heard Cisneros' last couple of solo releases, if not then Ark Procession will hopefully come as a pleasant surprise. On these two seven-minute tracks ('Ark Procession' and 'Jericho'), Cisneros explores his love of all things dub. Now, I can already hear those same fans who felt divided about the last few Om albums asking, "Dub? Really?" Yet, dear reader, they would be fools to turn back now.

Ark Procession is hardly a 'traditional' sounding dub record. Cisneros has created a kind of funeral-dub sound which see's echoing beats shuffle and shake alongside a superbly hypnotic organ sound that could have come right out of a Dario Argento film. The two tracks here are pretty much the same piece of music but it's still very much worth getting hold of a copy. You could get lost inside these grooves for hours on end. We need more musicians like Al Cisneros.

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