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Mike Tyler - Money Grows on Your Knees

by Andy Brown Rating:6.5 Release Date:2013-10-13

Upon receiving Mike Tyler's latest record, it's immediately obvious that he's a man who knows the value of making a physical release that little bit special. The 7in single comes with some cleverly designed jigsaw artwork: a cover you can literally pull apart and put back together again. It's ultimately a little novelty that sweetens the deal but perhaps says something of Tyler's playfully anarchic attitude too.

Mike Tyler first emerged as a poet and has toured the world, energetically performing readings. He's been dubbed 'the Iggy Pop of poetry' and has fans in both musical chameleon Beck and street pop-artist Banksy. His first, self-titled album was released in 2007 and had the lo-fi, folky ramshackle vibes of a Moldy Peaches record.

That album contained a song called 'Is the Poet an Idiot'. Some have certainly questioned Tyler's sanity before. He's the only poet I can think of who managed to break his own arm while reading a poem a tad too enthusiastically.

So what of the song, I hear you say? 'Money Grows on Your Knees' is just over three minutes of quirky pop perfection, delivered in Tyler's trademark drawl. There's a little more sheen on the song than anything from his debut album but it retains an endearing and playful naivety. It's still reminiscent of something Adam Green and Jonathan Richmond could probably write in two minutes, but it's a charming, witty and fun slice of art-pop all the same.

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